Below are the 2 Ramadan Competitions for this year. Registration is mandatory for both. JazakAllah Khairan

Community Wide Quran Competition

ICK is inviting all KC Community members to join us for our annual Ramadan Quran competition.

Registration Deadline is Friday April 30th, 2021. Click HERE to register. Competition day is May 7th 2021

Prizes for the competition below:

LevelAgeSurah1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Level 1Adults 18 and OverAl-Hejr$200$100$50
Level 2Up to 17Az-Zumar$150$75$50
Level 39 to 15At-Tour$100$75$50
Level 4Up to 8At-Takweer$100$75$50
Level 5Up to 6Al-Layl$75$50$25

Islamic knowledge for Kids (up to 13)

Kids are encouraged to learn these facts about Islam that every Muslim should know about. Registration is required (Register HERE). Click Islamic Knowledge Competition for the questions. Registration deadline is Apr 30th 2021 and day of the test is May 8th 2021