Online Summer Camp starts June 28th 2021

Registration is open now. Click HERE to register


Alhumdolillah we are ready to bring kids back to the masjid! Camp Starts Monday June 28th 2021

Drop off no earlier than 10:55 AM
Session starts 11:00 AM
Pickup1:15 PM


  • $25 Registration fee per family which will be a part of your total fee. E.g. if your total feel is $100, we will charge $25 at signup and $75 before Summer camp starts
  • $100/child with a max of $300/family
  • Any fees already paid to ICK are non-refundable
  • No concessions will be given for missed classes, trips, etc.

Every parent and student must follow the ICK’s policies as stated in the ICK Masjid. Beyond that, please make sure you and your children abide by these policies:

Summer camp will be in person at ICK Masjid. We will follow strict COVID protocols:

  • Students MUST wear Masks at all times while at ICK (inside and outside)
  • ICK Summer Camp will NOT be responsible for overseeing Dhur prayer. Students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they would like their child to pray. Parents may NOT leave their child unattended during Dhur prayer.
  • Have your children bring water bottles as the water fountain will not be available.

Safety/Pickup/Drop-off: Do not be late dropping or picking up children. Please see the table below. Pick up will be at the tent area.


Mon Jun 28First Day of Program
Tue – Thu, Jun 29 to Jul 1Regular Scheduled Activities
Mon – Thu, July 5 to 8Regular Scheduled Activities
Mon – Wed, July 12 to 14Regular Scheduled Activities
Thu, July 15Last day