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What are the Qualities that Allah loves to see in us?

Our youth coordinators put together 6 Qualities that Allah loves in a true believer. Join us this semester in understanding:

  • Tawbah (repentance)

  • Taharah (cleanliness of heart and body)

  • Taqwa (your shield of the day and night)

  • Ihsan & Sabr (responsibility and patience)

  • Tawakkul (trust in the Creator)

  • Adl (Be a change maker, social justice education)

The Youth Academy is a structured paid program, which will meet every Saturday Online (for now) at 2:00 PM ending around 4 PM. Program cost is a symbolic $25/month. Use the registration link above to register as seats are limited!

About the Program:

Purpose: Nurture the proud Muslim-American journey of our future leaders

Youth Academy at the Islamic Center of Kansas (ICK) is a program that is built on the idea that we need to invest in our youth to provide a brighter future of morally upright and culturally-aware Muslims. It aims to help our youth forge meaningful friendships, grow as like-minded individuals who want more for themselves, and most importantly, pursue the pleasure of Allah in this life and the next.

Program Highlights:

  • Relevant Discussions
  • Leadership and Life Skills
  • Field Trips (day or more)**
  • Sporting events**
  • Community Service around Greater Kansas City**
  • And more…

Four Core Areas:

  • IDENTITY (Muslim-American)
    Understanding of core Islamic principles and of being an American (i.e. history, culture, politics, values, traditions, etc.)
    Learning practical ways of applying the Qur’an and Sunnah into our everyday lives to strengthen our relationship with our Creator (Allah)
    Teaching necessary life-and-leadership skills in preparation for future endeavors (financial literacy, conflict resolution, organizational skills, leading crucial conversations, time management, behavior modeling, etc.)
    Building character and gratitude through volunteering opportunities within the Greater KC community

**Post COVID-19

If you have any questions, please email youth@ickansas.org

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