ICK Youth Academy Registration for Year 2022-23 is Now OPEN! 



Bring Back Balance

After much preparation, the 2022-2023 chapter of the ICK Youth Academy is finally ready for launch! This year will be focussed on equipping our youth with the Islamic concepts and personal development required for them to move forward with their lives in a way that is pleasing to Allah (SWT) and is healthiest for their own selves. Our theme is centered around restoring balance in our lives through inner struggle (Jihad Un-Nafs).

The Youth Academy is a structured paid program, which will meet every Saturday at 2:00 PM ending between 3:30 PM to 4 PM. Program cost is a symbolic $30/month. Use the registration link above to register as seats are limited!

About the Program:

Purpose: Nurture the proud Muslim-American journey of our future leaders

Youth Academy at the Islamic Center of Kansas (ICK) is a program that is built on the idea that we need to invest in our youth to provide a brighter future of morally upright and culturally-aware Muslims. It aims to help our youth forge meaningful friendships, grow as like-minded individuals who want more for themselves, and most importantly, pursue the pleasure of Allah in this life and the next.

This year, will be focusing on four core themes:

    Learning Islamic principles necessary to first lead oneself to that which pleases Allah (SWT) and to then lead others to that same success as well
    Educating ourselves on the condition of the Muslim ummah and learning to love the Ummah of the Prophet (SAWS) and do all that which will benefit them
    Learning to differentiate between that which is tradition and that which Allah has ordained for us to live by, and educating ourselves on how to find balance within ourselves such that we are living by that which Allah loves
    Educating ourselves on how to develop a spiritually healthy social presence (be it on social media, with our friends and family, etc.)

Program Highlights:

  • Relevant Discussions
  • Leadership and Life Skills
  • Field Trips (day or more)**
  • Sporting events**
  • Community Service around Greater Kansas City**
  • And more…

** The timing and nature of these events may be subject to change or termination pending updates regarding the COVID-19 global situation

If you have any questions, please email youth@ickansas.org

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