A program to teach our kids from 4 to 7 years old about Islam and Aqeeda. The goal is to learn through play and to make new friends who share the same interests. The program will expand across the year but in smaller time frames or quarters. Each quarter will have its own topic or theme. The kids will be taken on a journey to explore and know more about one major topic in Islam, and nothing better to start with than to know Allah (SW)

Dates: From January 9th 2023 to March 20th 2023

When: Mondays from 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM

Parents are required to stay on premises during the program.

Every parent and student must follow the ICK’s policies as stated in the ICK Masjid. Beyond that, please make sure you and your children abide by these policies:
  • $25/child one-time payment for the entire program
  • Any fees already paid to ICK are non-refundable. No concessions will be given for missed classes, trips, etc.
  • Cancellation requires a written request to

Dress Code: 

Please dress the kids appropriately. We are an Islamic Center and the students will be praying with us. Please make sure your children abide by the dress code below:

  • Boys should wear long pants. Shorts are not acceptable
  • Girls should wear loose clothing with an Islamic headscarf
  • Torn clothing is not acceptable
  • Attire of any kind with inappropriate messages, slogans, or symbols is not acceptable
  • Visible undergarments are not acceptable