About ICK Martial Arts

Taught by Ibrahim Alkhadra, a practitioner of the arts since 1976 (Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, Karate do, Goju & Jujitsu). He now possesses a 4th degree black-belt and is well on his way to acquiring his 5th degree.

Students of the ICK Martial Arts learn basic as well as advanced combative & defensive arts, and are instilled with the discipline to use them accordingly.

About the Teacher

Ibrahim Alkhadra started his martial arts training in 1976. He trained in both Karate do and Jujitsu, earning black belts in each system. In 2003 he began training at Integrity Martial Arts Academy; under the tutelage of Kyoshi Rudolph Muhammad. He feels that martial arts is a life time journey and plans to stay involved either through teaching or training. He began teaching martial arts in 1980 and currently runs his own branch club, ICK Martial Arts. He works in the private security industry and has taught Math at Universal academy. He earned his Master’s Degree in Industrial Management from Central Missouri State University. He also, earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Statistics and Mathematics. His life philosophy is centered on the following principals: Do well in all of your attempts, for God is good, Seek perfection, be sincere, be patient, and Trust in God.


Monthly 1st Child/Adult – $50
Monthly 2nd Child/Adult – $40
Monthly 3rd or more Child/Adult – $30 each
*Monthly fees may increase when the student’s rank is raised. Additional charges may apply for testing and tournaments. Please contact the Sensi’ for details.

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