It was narrated of the Prophet SAWS to have said “Whoever teaches a (branch) knowledge (that brings goodness to others) will have the reward of the one who acts upon it, without that detracting from his reward in the slightest.”

ICK Tutoring is a new program sponsored by members of the ICK Youth Academy committee aimed at providing personalized academic assistance to the youth in our community. It currently functions fully online and pertains to children in grades 6-8.


ICK Tutoring works to establish a center for school-aged youth of all ages to find quality education outside of the classroom in an enjoyable, judgement-free environment that helps them expand their network within the Islamic youth community while doing things they would otherwise have to struggle with alone. Leading members are looking into expanding beyond the middle school grades in the future, and are meticulously planning out an in-person service for when it is deemed safe (after the current circumstances).

Program Details

  • The ICK Tutoring Program provides academic advising and assistance in topics relating to middle school mathematics, sciences, social studies, and english/english language arts
  • The program is completely free, and does not require the purchase of related materials (although tutors can help with work pertaining to study books that have been purchased at the student’s own convenience)
  • Tutoring sessions will be offered from 5:00pm – 7:00pm on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • First Day is Tuesday, April 6th and last day is May 28th
  • For sign up, see below
  • Appointments are REQUIRED


  1. Click to book an appointment:
  2. Pick the subject
  3. Pick a day (only Tuesdays and Fridays)
  4. Pick a 30 min time slot (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM)
  5. Enter your information and you are done!
  6. When you register, you agree to our Terms and Conditions

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