JazakAllah khair for turning in your questions this week. Below are the answers to some of your questions by Imam AbdelHameed:

Question: Can ladies put lipstick during a fast?
Answer: First of all to put lipstick outside the house is not allowed if you are fasting or not. To put lipstick inside your house in front of your husband or your kids you are allowed to put it, there is no problem at all but make sure there is no haram stuff in it. Some lipsticks have pig oil or fat so please try to read the ingredients before you get it.
Question: Are women allowed to go visit graves?
Answer: There are opinions of Fiqh, one says it is haram for ladies to go visit graves and the other one says they are allowed so I would say if you can control yourself and you are not going to make any haram things there, than you can otherwise don’t go.
Question: Can you pray Isha prayer with Taraweeh prayer together?
Answer: There are 2 opinions of Fiqh, one says you are not allowed to pray Isha behind a person praying Taraweeh but the majority of Scholars say yes you are allowed to pray Salah Isha with Taraweeh. So when the imam finishes 2 rakats you get up and make 2 rakats by yourself.
Question: My father would like to sit last ten days of Ramadan at masjid. What’s are the requirements, if any.
Answer: Just make niyah and have ikhlas. Bring your personal stuff with you and plan to stay inside the masjid throughout the last 10 days. Please sign up HERE
Question: How much to pay for each day of missed fasting because of permanent disease?
Answer: If it is a permanent disease, then its $10/day you have missed the fast. If it is temporary then you just wait to get healthy and make up the fasts.

JazakAllah Khairan

Imam AbdelHameed