ICK Youth

ICK Youth Series Registration Now Open

The ICK Youth Series is a program that is built on the idea that we need to invest in our youth to provide a brighter future of morally upright and culturally-aware Muslims. This program aims to allow youth to channel their skills and interests productively into constructive dialogue and service to their community. This program is guided by 5 core principles:

ICK Youth Series aims to provide:

  • American-Muslim Youth identity
    • Understanding of how youth can maintain their Islam in a Western society
  • Interactive Learning & Discussion
    • A space for youth to have meaningful and constructive dialogue about social & religious issues that matter to them
  • Unity
    • A program that is open to a wide range of perspectives where all youth are invited to listen and respectfully communicate their points of views
  • Islamic Socialization & Fun
    • A masjid environment that includes fun & social activities to foster brotherhood/sisterhood and Muslim friendship
  • Generational Bridge
    • Understanding between youth and adults to bridge the generational gap

This program will take place in the Islamic Center of Kansas on a bi-weekly basis.

If you have any questions, please email youth@ickansas.org.